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Federation of Independent Nautical Training Organisations



Registered Charity No. 1041949



Welcome to the F.I.N.T.O. Web site!

FINTO was formed in 1984 to provide support and a voice for independent nautical training organisations.

We try to bring the benefits of a large organisation to all our members.

This allows them to give the best possible service that they can for the benefit of all their young people by providing a valuable forum for the sharing of activities, facilities and experiences between members.

Supporting Youth Work

Supporting Active Youth

If you looking to support active youth work we can help you understand how you can help or even match you with a member. If you are thinking of forming, or are already running, an independent nautical based unit for youth then find out what we have to offer.

Child Protection

Our Members

FINTO is registered as an umbrella body with the Disclosure and Barring Service and can provide access to the disclosure service for groups or organisations that cannot justify registering in their own right. Here you can find details of our members, what they do for their young people and if there is one near you.